Saturday, April 10, 2010

Early Birthday Celebration

For over a month the girls have been trying to find a safe place that they can go sing karaoke and go dancing, and I have been very skeptical of the existance of such a place in Honduras.  But the girls were right.  After talking to Darwin and Arnold, they convinced me that at least one of 3 available options should be okay.  And so began plans for my birthday party extravaganza. 

Starting on Friday night when we put rags in my hair so it would be curly, down to yesterday afternoon after shopping for the perfect outfit and putting on all kinds of crazy makeup the girls played dressup the Amber.  It was a lot of fun to watch them get so excited about it. 
Mid Eyeshadow/Eye Brow Plucking/Pedicure
They were all three going at me at once at this point.  We kept cracking up

All dressed up and ready to head out
Yes, folks that is a dress I´m wearing, these girls really did a number on me :)

I love these girls

So karaoke was an interesting event.  Evidently only loud obnoxious Americans stand in front of the entire restaurant and sing.  Everyone else stayed at their table, but we were first and didn´t know that. 
We wondered what all the strange looks were about :)

Then we figured it out.  Unfortunately my eyes are closed in this picture but it´s cute anyway

My sweet boy and I.  He was our designated body guard for the night...

Even though we were pretty much the only ones there. 
Dancing was considerably less exciting than it appears in this picture, but we cracked up all night

And went a little crazy.  Hello World, evidently this is my gangsta face.

More excitement to come today as the girls are preparing a treasure hunt. 
I¨m soo excited, quite a bit more excited than karaoke and dancing if I´m honest. 
I´m so blessed.

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Beto, Laura, and Santiago Perez said...

seriously how has no one commented yet on this? that has to be possibly the best picture ever! i love your new gangsta face and hope you'll never take it off while i'm with you. and you look beautiful in the pics!