Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My Sweet Boys

As I mentioned before we´re started going to the boys home where they placed Julio Cesar.  These are a few pics of the sweet boys we work with.  If I could I would scoop them all up and bring them home.  I love them so much. 
This is Wilson. He is very quiet all the time.  All of the boys make bracelets to sell and that´s what he´s doing here.

This is Jeffry, he´s a jokester and one of our favorites (I could say that about half of the kids)

This is the room they spend about 95% of their time in.

This is Fredy Nahum, you may recognize him from Jovenes.  I´m not sure of the circumstances but he is now in this home.

This is Carlos, he´s a sweet quiet kid that I get confused with 2 other kids there. The 3 of them look just alike.

This is Marlon, he´s a little spider monkey that loves to hang around your neck.

And this is sweet sweet Wilder.  He was so proud that he read all of the The Little Red Hen.

Have I mentioned I love them :)

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