Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Just a Few Reasons...

I do what I do. 
People often ask me why I work with the homeless ministry. 
Why am I willing to put myself at risk?

Sweet Little Pedro who grins from ear to ear and spends most of his days
looking after himself

Angel, who has given up glue for two weeks so that I will help him buy a shoe shine kit and he can try to work himself off of the streets

Cintia, who latches on to Darwin

and I with desperation and proudly recites the Lord´s prayer

And sweet Suyapa who will follow us from place to place just to have someone to talk to.

I wonder how I could not do what I do.
As I walk with them I feel like I¨m walking where Jesus would be walking if He were here.
With these simple, loving, desperate people.
Offering them some hope.

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ann said...

This is just too much. Love you!