Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some More Pictures from the Boys´ Home

We let a couple of the older boys use our cameras at the boys home.  And amidst a bunch of crazy pics there were a few good ones.  You´ll notice that in most of the pictures only half of the people are looking at the camera. That´s because it was like papparazzi shots in there for a while.

The game carnage.  The kids LOVE to play games with us.

Carlos and Mackenzie

Wilson and I

I realize that technically this is a terrible picture.  But I love it.  Everyone looks so sweet.

Boys will be boys. 
This Jeffy on my right, Josue on my left and Joel in front

Mackenzie and Jason, I LOVE this kid.

I´m not sure the name of the kid on the left.  Joel is on the right.  They love peace signs.

I don´t know the names of the first two boys but the boy in the grey T-shirt is Julio Cesar.  The boy I´ve talked so much about from the homeless ministry and whom I almost brought home.  He continues to struggle with his past and we are working to find a place for him that will help him leave those temptations behind.

This is Jose Geovany and I.  I´ve really grown to love this kid, who initially made me a little nervous. 
He´s the oldest kid at the home and has had a really rough life but I´ve talked to him and a couple of the counselors and he seems to have really turned his life around.  Abuse is such a standard thing in the lives of most of these kids and hearing them talk about it breaks my heart but Geovany seems to be overcoming it. 
At the home all of the counselors seem to count on him for help with the little ones, though you wouldn´t know it unless you really watched.  He keeps an eye on them and plays with them often but only when it won´t tarnish the tough guy personna he tries so hard to display.
He is scheduled to be released back home next week and has already lined up a job in Olancho, far from the gangs and temptations to return to the street. 
I pray that he is able to succeed.

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