Wednesday, April 07, 2010

In the Laundry Room

At the boys home on family visit day the kids who have a visitor are in the main room so all of the other kids have to spend the afternoon in the laundry room.  This tiny claustrophobic room is not anywhere I would choose to spend my time but these kids spend a lot of time in there. 
One of these days, we went to hang out with the kids that didn´t have visit and ended up spending our time there. 
Here´s a few pics of our activities
Skip Bo is a huge hit

As always there are the bracelet makers hard at work, this is Santas and Inez

This pretty much the whole length of the room.  Notice the kid standing in the green shirt, Hector. 
He had just arrived that day and was having a really hard time with it. 
Darwin spent most of the time talking with him.

This is the oldest boy at the home, Jose.  He seems like a really sweet kid and spends a lot of time "exercising" with the little kids on his back or shoulders.  It´s really fun to watch how sweet he is with them.

And Wilder, my favorite little one.

This is Armando.  You may remember a few weeks back I talked about a boy who had given me a bracelet that said "I love you Mom".
This is him. 
He left the home about a week ago and I¨m not sure where he is now.
Pray for his safety.

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