Monday, April 12, 2010

Scavenger Hunt!!

Have I mentioned I have the best interns ever! 
Even if they did make me wear this goofy crown all over Tegucigalpa.
They planned a huge city wide treasure hunt for my birthday.  We ran all over town collecting clues and "completing tasks".  I had a blast and I was incredibly impressed with some of the things they remembered from our time together in order to put together the clues.

My first clue and I´m off to the park

After running all over the park for a good half our it´s time to get in the car...

You want me to do WHAT!?!?!?!
They made me tell the chef at our favorite crepe place that he was the best chef in the whole world. 
Needless to say it was WAY out of my comfort zone.
But I did it and continued on with the hunt

About halfway through the hunt we found fake mustaches.

Who knew they would attract so much attention? If you ever need to find a date in Honduras you should invest in some really bad fake mustaches. You won´t have any trouble.

Tess had some technical difficulties with hers that were quite comical
But the real prize was an absolutely delicious cupcake filled with Nutella at a new restaurant in town we´ve been wanting to try out.
Mackenzie even splurged from her healthy eating habits to have a cupcake AND frozen yogurt. 
We love you Mackenzie.
We now know that if you bring your own $5 bottle of Welch´s sparkling grape juice to the cute cupcake place they are going to slap a "DESCORCHE" on you.
Evidently it costs $10 to open your own drink in the restaurant.  We´ll know better next time.
The cupcakes were so good it didn´t matter though.  We´re going to try and come back on my real birthday for lunch panini´s and one more cupcake.
We had a wonderful day. 
I´m going to miss these girls.


Beto, Laura, and Santiago Perez said...

Well after reading this post I can only think of one thing to say, "Boy, do I feel like a crappy friend!" Why didn't I think of doing that for your birthday??? Oh well, Love you and see you soon, and glad you had such a fun bday.

OK Chick said...

What a great Birthday! I hope you had fun. It looks like you had fun in the pictures.
I love Nutella!!!! I'm sure the cupcake was amazing.

Holly said...

Looks like so much fun! :) Thos stick on mustaches are hazardous...I choked on one last halloween, LOL!