Thursday, April 14, 2011

I need some help!!!

Hey Guys,
Next week is Holy Week here in Honduras and pretty much everyone I know is headed to the beach.  I will most definitely NOT be heading to anywhere that holds water.  I'm not a big fan of mass amounts of people.  But Courtney and I talked and we'd really like to do some team building and leadership training type activities with the people living in our ministry building.  They all have such potential for success but have a hard time getting past harassing each other in order to show that to the world.  So next week we're going to try our first group outing with the homeless ministry.  We're going on a camping trip, maybe :).  The details still haven't been worked out but I need your help to figure out the activities.  If you know of any great, but fairly simple team building activities we can do please post them here.  We want things that get them laughing and working together.  Thank you all so much for sharing in our ministry.
Love ya!

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