Monday, April 18, 2011

Translating with VCOM

This past week I had the honor and blessing of working with another VCOM team.  This time they had a heavy focus on women's health and I worked almost exclusively with Dr. Roberts doing pap smears, pelvic exams, and breast exams.  It is always a blessing to be able to help people receive medical care, but this time was very special because I was able to comfort and reassure them through some very uncomfortable procedures.  
Part of the clinic team.  Dr. Roberts is there beside me.  He is truly a wonderful man seeking God's will for his life.  I am blessed to now be counted as a friend.

Lining up in San Juancito, the one day we went out onto the field.

A beautiful old mining town, with beautiful buildings.  

Two sweet older ladies who made the trek down to the clinic

Some of the students and their patients.

Gorgeous little girl

Some of my favorite ladies working in the pharmacy

These sweet boys became my pals throughout the day and started calling me "dulce", candy, thinking they might get some out of me.  Obviously they haven't spent enough time with me :)

And of course Rosie was the star of the show.  
This is Sam, maybe her first crush.

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