Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Muriel and Penelope

Another precious baby is part of our ministry.  This is baby Penelope.

Her chubby little cheeks are made for squeezing.

Muriel is so proud.  She's having some trouble healing from the c-section but otherwise they are both happy and healthy.  

So precious

Papa Jorge is just overflowing with pride.  I've never seen him like this and it warms my heart.

We were all very impressed at how nice their little room is.  
I was more than a little apprehensive as we climbed the stairs through their "hotel" to get to their room, but their room is bright, cool, and very very clean.  
I'm excited to see what God does with this precious family.  They are so dedicated to making a better way for themselves right now and I pray that they are able to maintain that desire and find God's path for their lives.


ann said...

Precious. :)

Hope said...

All this adorable babies are making me anxious to see mine!!!