Monday, April 11, 2011

Have I Mentioned I Love Them - Sunday Afternoon

Talanga showing off his new clothes from Drew and Louisa

Reina and baby Amber showing off their clothes

Sleeping Beauty rarely wakes up

Sweet moment with Belkis and two of her precious kiddos

Seriously, could this be more precious.  
I LOVE Talanga's face in the background.

Everyone wants a turn with Amber, I think Belkis loves her more than her own kids some days.


Talanga's two favorite girls

"Got you her, mama"

A full house on Sunday

I don't even know this little guy's name, he's very quiet but he is ALWAYS here on Sunday 
and is sweet as can be.  

I'm so proud of my boy

"Who is a sinner?"

My little Monkey after Bible class.

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