Sunday, April 03, 2011

Another Sweet, Sweet Moment

Spunky, hard headed Reina has made her way deep, deep into my heart and even on days when she is driving me insane I want to wrap her in my arms and love her forever.  She has had a hard life packed into her 32 years and every time she calls me "Ma" it makes me smile.  Reina and I have spent a lot of time talking about God's plan for her life and she struggled a lot with making the decision to give her life over to God.  But she finally did and it was a sweet, sweet moment.  
 It was very dark out and pretty cold but she hopped in the fountain and very sternly listened to all that Darwin had to say about this amazing decision
 And he very skillfully got that very pregnant body under the water and baptized into our Lord.
 And the angels rejoiced.
I love her so so much and it makes my heart swell to think of how much more God loves her than I can even imagine.

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