Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Here are a few pics from our Christmas celebration.  I may have a few more from lunch later.  The ham is finally in the oven, I¨m sooo excited.

Every year we do a family Christmas picture but this year there was no one to take it.  So I used the timer.  After several, several tries I think this "practice shot" is my favorite.  Unfortunately I didn´t have my sweater on and the puppies aren´t in it.

So this was the next best one. 
The puppies really have a hard time settling when one of us jumps up every 5 seconds to hit the button again.

Before the excitement began


This was a set of puzzles that was on sale, he wasn´t real excited but he put on a good face.  Sweet kid.

My beautiful necklace and earings from Darwin

Can´t ever go wrong buying him a soccer ball

The closest thing to a standing Kitchenaide Darwin could afford.  I was so touched he remembered me looking at them at the grocery store. 

My favorite of his Christmas presents

His favorite of his Christmas presents.  (He picked this out, I would never, ever pick a bright orange tshirt with a sequined tiger on it for anyone that planned on hanging out with me)

And the bright blue sequined hat with a skull on it to match?

Random gift request of the year, a skateboard.  But he´s been riding it around the house all morning and it was $5 so definitely worth it.

That´s all for now.  Merry Christmas!!


ann said...

Love the pictures! You guys look great! Merry Christmas!

OK Chick said...

Thanks for adding pictures. It looks like everyone had a great Christmas!