Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with Breaking Chains

In Honduras they celebrate Christmas on the 24th, which worked out great for us because we were able to celebrate Christmas with all of our homeless friends on their actual Christmas day.  We spent most of yesterday putting together, 20 bags for women, 20 bags for kids, and 60 bags for men so that everyone would get something for christmas.

All but 25 of the adult bags were able to contain a tshirt or some other item of clothing thanks to clothing that has been donated in the past. 

The rest of the bags had bath products and small stuffed animals.  The kids´bags were easy to come up with.  We were able to find lots of great toys and stuffed animals from left over give away stuff.

Every bag also had candy and an apple (a traditional honduran christmas food) It took some work but we were able to get something for everyone.  Which was a huge relief to me.
Roberto and Dulce, two of my favorites, Dulce has her christmas doll.
All of the bags were numbered then they drew numbers and received the matching bag.  This eliminated any issues of favortism and everything went much much smoother than anticipated.

Dulce and Jenny, Saying goodbye to Jenny was really difficult.  She´s become like a daughter to me and she took the fact that I¨m leaving for a few weeks really hard.

Eating Christmas Dinner

Rice, Beans, Sourcream and Pepsi

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