Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mariachi Band

So, Alli and Tess have had a dream all their lives of hearing a Mariachi band (or so I¨m told).  Well it just so happens that the last place we feed is across from the Mariachi Band Members Union (or something like that).  So a couple of weeks ago Darwin decided to make the girls´ dream come true.  He went and talked to some of the Mariachi guys hanging around and asked them to come play for us.  It was HILARIOUS!  We had so much fun.  The homeless guys all jumped up and danced around with us and sang the songs. (none of those pictures turned out)   It was a really neat night and I think everyone involved enjoyed it a lot.

Several of the guys we work with claim to be able to play guitar so we´re working on procurring one for Christmas.  They LOVE to sing.  So maybe one day we´ll have a Breaking Chains choir and band.  You never know! :)

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