Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Early Christmas

Okay, I´m really sad that these pictures won´t upload but maybe later.  Recently Dudley and Vicki Chancey and Norm and Denise Easter came for Baxter graduation.  Dudley and Vicki brought lots of presents from home and Darwin and I had a great early Christmas.  One of the guys from the Izopo Corn Team sent us a Wii!!!! We were both SOOO excited.  Dudley and Vicki gave us a game and extra controllers for the Wii as well as some fun kitchen stuff and clothes for Darwin.  The Moore family sent down a big box of kitchen goodies and some chocolates and movies.  It was a great day!!! I´ve got lots of cute pics so hopefully later I can get them to upload.  Someone is on the Wii almost constantly when we´re home.  We´re really getting a kick out of it. 
Now I just need to get on with my own Christmas shopping or Christmas morning we´re going to be sitting around looking at each other :). 

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