Friday, December 25, 2009

Sweet faces to remember

Just a few of the sweet faces I will be taking with me in my heart when I head back to the states tomorrow (weather permitting).

These two little girls are new at church.  I don´t know their names but they are precious!

My sweet silly kids, I´m going to miss them

Sarita.  Love, love love her

Sarita and her mom wiping down the pews before church.  It´s fun to watch them working together and laughing.

Alfonsito, he brings me flowers all the time.  It´s so sweet.

Darwin and Roberto, one of our favorite homeless guys.

Some of the guys from the park being silly.  We love them so much.

Roberto was harrassing me about something, I don´t remember what, but we were both laughing when we should have been smiling for the camera.  I´m going to miss him.

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