Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Emmanuel Orphanage

Last weekend before the girls went home, we loaded up the puppies and headed off to Orfanato Emanuel, the children´s home where the girls worked before coming to Tegucigalpa.  It is a really nice facility and we had a lot of fun playing with the kids.  I didn´t take any pictures at all but Darwin took a few.  I´m working on posting them here but I think I´m going to have to wait until Darwin gets back with the cable to my camera which is in the car.  For some reason several of the pictures I downloaded aren´t working so I´m going to try it again later. 

We had a lot of fun and the puppies were a HUGE hit.  They were kind of overwhelmed by all the kids but they did a good job remaining calm.  I´ve got some good babies :).

Emmanuel is about 2 and a half hours from Tegucigalpa so the volunteers don´t see a lot of  "American" food.  I made pizza for everyone for dinner then we played Pit.  I haven´t laughed so hard in a  long time.  Several of the volunteers are from Denmark and are absolutely hilarious.  It was so much fun just laughing and hanging out for a night.  
(I´ll try to post some more pics later)

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