Saturday, September 04, 2010

Beautiful Faces

This precious little guy stayed at our building for a few night's last week.

He is Raquel's sweet baby and they didn't have anywhere to stay so they spent a few days with us.  Raquel is really quiet and rarely talks to us when she comes to church but I'm so glad she knew she could come to us when she needed help.

This is Alejandro.  He and his mom came to church for the first time last week.  They seem like a neat family and I think Reina is going to start watching Alejandro during the day while his mom goes to her new job.  
I love that Reina is so quick to jump in and help.

Gotta love Freddy's sweet grin.

Sunday at church.  Mike and Jason were visiting and Jason preached for us.  We're hoping to see him back.

Edy leading a prayer.  It always touches my heart when they take a leading role in the service.

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