Sunday, September 26, 2010

My New Girls

Meet Courtney Mathews and Heather Moore
These sweet girts are my new interns.  They will both be here until mid-December and I'm already loving having them here.  
Courtney has been here a few weeks longer so I've got more pictures of her but now you'll know who they are as they show up in the blog.

Vanessa and Courtney have become fast friends

Juana doesn't care that Heather can't speak Spanish she loves her completely anyway.
Oscar is an old favorite that we haven't seen in a while but we sure love seeing his face again.
This is Isaac's favorite place to sit, inside the fireplace, and he's Courtney's favorite conversation buddy because he slows things down for her and also makes us all laugh with his random comments.
Random comment of the day from Isaac: "Hey, when is the FBI coming to fix our roof?" :)

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