Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cleanup the Bodega Day!

As usual, by the end of the summer our storage room (bodega) looked like this.  Predictably that renders just about everything in it unusable until we get it cleaned up.

So last week we moved all of the furniture in the living room.

Bought some plastic tubs, and prepared for the great cleanup.  What these pictures don't show is that there were also several boxes and tubs already in the living room.

Rosie was ready to help

Come on! Let's go!

Well maybe not.

And in the end the bodega looked like this

And this.  So much better and usable.  Now we can access everything we need to prepare for children's day next week.

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Holly said...

I am super impressed. I have been in this bodega before...and it kind of scares me!