Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Lesson and A Blessing

Well I'm going to tell a tale of my own stupidity here, but also one of God's grace.
Last Sunday we arrived at the building early for church and I came in and set me camera down in one of the inner windowsills (I am notorious for not being as vigilant with my things as I should).  I sat down nearby and chatted for a while then I decided to take Rosie to the nearby pulperia (snack market) to get a drink.  On the way out a not so trustworthy young man was walking in but I didn't give it much thought.  Then Reina decided we should go together to another pulperia around the block and we stopped several times along the way to chat with people.  By the time we got back I had completely forgotten about my camera until Reina came out of the bathroom with my camera bag.  She was yelling at me for leaving my camera bag laying around when I said "umm, Reina, is my camera in the bathroom too?" (knowing it was probably long gone).  "You don't have your camera!" was Reina's response.  I immediately knew that Osman, the kid that had been on the way in as we were leaving had taken my camera.  Everyone else inside was fairly reliable. She ran outside to alert Talanga and Darwin and by the time I got out there they had jumped in the car and were getting ready to take off to find Osman.  I'm yelling at them to forget it that it's gone.  I definitely don't want them to get hurt trying to get it back, but they are determined and take off.  I was furious with myself.  I was completely to blame and I was worried sick something was going to happen to Darwin or Talanga.  I decided to take a walk around the block to clear my head and pray for my boys.  By this time it was getting late and we decided to go ahead and start church services and try to forget about what had happened.  About 10 minutes into service here comes, Darwin, Talanga, two guys they picked up along the way, and Osman WITH MY CAMERA!!! I sent everyone inside and sat outside with Osman for a little while talking.  He was very repentant and felt terrible, but I was so glad he came back to face me and receive forgiveness.  He's had such a rough life and the temptation to steal is overwhelming.  After church I learned that he had sold my $650 camera to a pawn shop for $10!  Once Darwin found him, he just had to go to the pawn shop and buy it back for the $10, I think they were eager to see him leave since they had obviously been buying stolen goods.
I was worried that we wouldn't see Osman for a while but he was at church today and seemed nervous that we wouldn't let him in.  Once he was inside he gave me a big hug and just kept smiling at me.  It was heart warming.  They have so few opportunities in this world to receive forgiveness I think it makes heavenly forgiveness seem almost impossible.  As a result of this situation I've been much for vigilant of my camera (as has everyone else :) ) and we're a lot more aware not only of what is coming into the building but also what is going out.  God truly can make any situation a blessing.

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Lauren said...

Oh wow what a wonderful ending to a suspenseful story. I'm so glad it worked out!