Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Oscar

Reina found this sweet little old man Saturday, sitting outside of the Red Cross building near our building, and brought him home for a hot meal.  

Oscar came to the city from Amapala (a fishing village about 3 hours away) on September 15th to celebrate Independence Day and was hit by a truck.  His foot is severely infected and he has several sores along the side of his body.  He has medication given him by the hospital but when he went on Friday they told him to come back in 5 days.  

God just happened to bless us with some volunteers on Saturday night with some medical background and they spent about an hour cleaning up his wounds.  We got him some antibiotics and plan to take him to the clinic on Monday.

A beautiful face full of gratitude. 

Oscar and his friend Gregorio will stay in our building until we can get Oscar taken care of find out what needs to happen with him.
I am overwhelmed with the blessing of being able to help these sweet people and also at being witness to Reina extending a helping hand to others.  She makes my heart swell.
God's gifts are so undeserved and so sweet.

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