Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Children's Day!

Children's Day was a huge success.  We had about 140 people come by and share with us, including several new people.
This is Antony and Helen.  Antony is in a wheel chair and rarely even comes to eat but made it down for Children's Day.  He seemed to have a great time and even helped me keep the peace a couple of times during the movie. 

Thanks to Kathy Elliott and the spring break group's inspiration, we did a cake walk.  It was a HUGE success.  They absolutely loved it but didn't really understand why the couldn't all have a cake.  It provoked a lot of laughing from all of us.

Mural and Suyapa a couple of my favorite ladies

Jasmine decided to dress up as a clown and do some juggling for us.  She cracks me up.

The bounce house was a hit as always.

Going over "the rules" before turning them lose on the carnival games.  All of our games were leftover from a carnival Park Plaza did a few years ago and they were a huge hit.

Winning tickets at the game stations

Turning in their tickets for prizes. 
This picture cracks me up because I sat their and refereed prize choices for a good hour.  
It was hectic but everyone got their prize :)

David and Jenn brought their popcorn machine and everyone enjoyed their snack during the movie.

We ended the day with Daddy Day Camp (we tried a couple of options but that was the one that worked in the machine :) ).  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  They loved the concept of a movie, for sure, and we're going to try and do a movie night about once a month.

It was a huge success and a great blessing to watch everyone enjoying themselves and not having to worry about anything for at least a few hours.  

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