Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Wrap

This post is mostly for my dear friend Holly who is about to have a baby and is interested in the wrap but it's got some cute pics of Rosie too so hopefully you'll all like it :)
This is the way I use the wrap the most, an infants legs would stay inside

I originally got the wrap when I was spending a lot of time with my friend Laura's 1 month old baby and I LOVED it.  I could keep him wrapped up close and safe and do just about anything.  I wasn't so sure about how it would work with a toddler.  Rosie is a lot heavier and more mobile than Santiago was.  But I found it in the closet and decided to try it out.  
This is Rosie's favorite way to use the wrap because she can see the world, but I like to be able to see her face so it's not my favorite.

The wrap is just a really long piece of fabric I bought at the fabric store one day, I think it's 10 feet long but it may be a little longer, obviously a smaller person wouldn't need it to be quite so long but the length helps enable you to tie it in lots of different ways.  I've also made wraps for some of the homeless women by cutting a sheet down the middle long ways and tying the two halves in a knot.  This also helps you know exactly where the middle is, which makes things simpler.
This is a new way to tie it I just tried when we were taking pictures but I think it's going to be my favorite.  It seems to be the best of both worlds and it's REALLY easy to tie.

I love it! and so does Rosie.  I use it sometimes when we go on walks and almost always when we go to feed the homeless.  If she's tired she just cuddles down inside and if she's wide awake I turn her around and she shakes everyone's hand.  I love that I can completely control how close the glue bottles get to her and that no one can walk off with her without my noticing. 
Anyway you tie it, she's pretty stinkin cute!

With her wrapped on I'm not completely hands free because she's pretty bulky but it definitely allows me to do a lot more than I could if I was just regularly holding her.  There are also lots of ties for your back, which I've done a couple of times, but I'm not real comfortable getting her on my back and again, I like to see her face.

Here are a couple of websites that I've used to try out new ties:
I love both websites and the provide a lot of good info.  A combination of the two seemed to be my best bet when I was learning the ties.  

Hope that is helpful Holly.  I'd love to hear from anyone else that is a "baby wearer" what your favorite ties are.

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Beto, Laura, and Santiago Perez said...

i love you and rosie in that wrap! santi was just too independent even at 2 weeks. love you!