Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Children's Day Preparations

Friday, after our morning of pampering, we spent the rest of the day preparing for Saturday's Children's Day extravaganza.
It took 2 hours and the help of our security guard

Just to load the car with everything we needed.

When we got to the building several people stopped by to help us set up.

Our work crew when we finished up at 10:30 pm!

Rosie passed out, here she's half in and half out of the wrap because she couldn't get comfortable

Darwin was a hard task master on the letters, Courtney actually did most of that work.

Mural spent hours blowing up and hanging balloons.  I think it may have gone to her head.

But the final product was pretty cool.  This is just a small portion of a LOT of work.  But it was a HUGE success.

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