Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some New Faces

This sweet man just stopped by to ask if he could pray in our building.  He went over to a corner at the front, knelt down, prayed fervently, gave us all hugs and left.  We haven't seen him before or since, but he is an encouragement.

This is Marcos
And his brother Junior

This rambunctious twosome has graced us with their presence a couple of times now and they are quickly finding a place in our hearts.  Their mom is pretty rough with them, but seems to be trying.  Her name is Judy and she suffered a miscarriage this past week.  Please keep them in your prayers.
and finally Felipe.  I have a feeling Felipe will be our next success story.  He's a struggling alcoholic but an absolute sweetheart looking for a reason to change.  God is throwing wide the doors to so many hearts, I pray He gives us the strength and wisdom to minister to them all. 

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