Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Hard Post to Write

Last week I started hearing rumors that someone was killing homeless people.  To be honest I didn't give it much thought.  There's not much I can do and rumors like that fly a lot.  Well today proved that it's not just a rumor.  Two precious young girls are confirmed dead, one is in the hospital and two more are rumored dead.
These precious kids are dying such senseless deaths and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  
This week we've seen an influx of people at our ministry.  
I pray this means they are sticking together and trying to protect each other.
I pray that they are seeing us as a beacon of safety and light in their dark lives.
I pray that God protects these sweet, searching souls.  
If you've followed my blog for long you've read about Jenny.  I've told Jenny's story to 1000's of people.  Jenny was a 17 year old girl that never had a chance and never experienced unconditional love.  
Jenny is 3 yr old Dulce's mom and was pregnant with twins.
On Sunday night someone kidnapped Jenny, Katarina, and Adelia.
Unfortunately I can't find a picture of Katarina, although she frequented our ministry, and was one of Darwin's good friends.  
Katarina was 16 years old.
Adelia is 17 years old and has just started coming to our building on a regular basis.
On Tuesday afternoon all three girls were found outside of town thrown in a ditch.  
Adelia survived her attack and is currently in a coma in the hospital.  
Both of the other girls remained "unclaimed" in the morgue until Reina went down and identified them.

Paola is from El Mogote and I've known her for years.  
Unfortunately she ended up on the streets.  Paola is 22 years old.

I blog about Jairo a lot.  He's 20 years old and regularly tells me he wants to change his life and go back to school.  Unfortunately the pull of his addictions has made that impossible so far.
Both Paola and Jairo have been missing for almost 2 weeks and are believed to have been murdered.
I don't have space in my brain for all of this loss.  
My heart cries out for their pain and I know that my sorrow is nothing compared to God's sorrow for these lost souls.  
God is in control and knows each of them intimately.  
I place my trust in Him and pray for His guidance.
I ask each of you to prayer for safety for these dear dear people.


Alyson said...

Amber I'm so sorry to hear of all this loss and horrible hate that is going on in your community. You will be in my prayers.

I have to ask about Dulce, though. Ever since you first blogged about her, she has been on my heart. In fact, her precious face made me start to look into adoption in latin America. Is she ok? Does she have other family that she's with?

Amber said...

Alyson, Thank you so much for your prayers. That is truly all that we can do right now. I believe Dulce is with Jenny's aunt now. She has spent some time with her off and on throughout her life and I think it's a fairly good place for her to be. Jenny had left her with another lady for the past month or so, so I'm not sure she even realizes her mom is gone. In a sad way, Jenny death will probably allow Dulce to have a chance at a decent life. Thank you for thinking of her. She's a precious, precious girl and I love her.

ann said...

I can't stop thinking about you and your precious friends. Love you so much.

Alyson said...

It's good to hear that Dulce is taken care of and in a better situation.

Holly said...

Oh Amber, there just aren't any words. I have tears in my eyes. This makes the work you are doing seem even more important, that those you work with might come to know Jesus soon!

Anonymous said...

You don´t know me but I stumbled on your blog through Ann White´s facebook. I can´t even begin to understand what your community is going through right now.
I am praying for you and your loved ones that God will bring peace and justice to your city and hold his protective hands over you.
I am so sorry for your losses.

Kendra Paris

Shaunna said...

Amber, thank you so much for sharing this and many other stories. It was so great to see you...and now connect with you this way. We are praying.
shaunna and matt :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Amber,
I just heard you speak at Winterfest and what you are doing is absolutely amazing! I was so inspired! I was looking to contact to for mission work. Our young adult group is looking to help. Let me know if this is something that is possible. Thank you. You can contact me at