Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet boys at 21

21 is a government run boys home here.  We try to visit it once a week but it often gets lost in the shuffle of our busy schedules.  I pray that we can fit it in every week because they are such a blessing and they need so much love.  Here are a few of their precious faces.
Making bracelets

Playing Pictureka, this is my favorite game to play with them.  They can all play and it's bilingual.

A few of the older boys, definite punks but so sweet.
The second kid from the right is Samario, one of our favorite kids from last year.  He's so sweet and I'm sad to see him back.  Every time they return it's another failure for them.  I asked him why he was back and he said, "it's better that I'm here, I can't stay away from the drugs outside."  I wish you could meet this precious soul.

Dilmer and his mountain of bracelets

I wish this kids eyes were open.  I love his bracelet and he was SOO proud it was in English

Melvin.  So many people love this kid.  I originally met him at Jovenes En Camino and he has a special place in my heart.  

Courtney loving on some of the boys

I didn't catch this kid's name but he was hilarious.  The kids who maintain their sense of humor warm my heart.

Jose Mungia, another kid from Jovenes who just kept loving on me.  I could bring so many of them home

Then there's this sweet baby.  He completely broke my heart.  He came into the office to sell me his bracelets and after saying hi I asked how old he was.  He's 12, his name is Carlos.  I said Carlos why are you here, you're so young.  He said "I don't have any parents".  How did you get here? "My uncle, or my friend, brought me here."  We talked for a little while and I asked him where he was before he came here.  His whole demeanor changed he ducked his head and said "Well, I have parents, but they don't want me." Then he quickly left.  No child should ever feel unwanted.

I'm not sure what was going on here but I think it's a precious picture.

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Beto and Laura Perez Speaks said...

Amber it´s dangerous to keep posting these precious pictures. I mean, how am I going to convice Beto that we´re going to adopt 10 teenage boys??? these pictures are really touching.