Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day at Breaking Chains

Valentine's Day at the homeless ministry was wonderful.  I made cupcakes, that's what I do :) and we let them make cards or crafts.  Before we left Courtney and I discussed whether they would think making cards was dumb and babyish.  We couldn't have been more wrong.  They LOVED it.  And we loved seeing their eager faces as they went to work.  Please check out my album on facebook.  I had a really hard time picking out pictures for the blog.
Hard at work on their cards.  Most of them didn't even wait to eat before they started

100 Valentine's Day cupcakes

Jennifer's picture.  Very childlike but absolutely beautiful

Carolina made beautiful cards for each of us.  She is actually very creative.

This guy has just recently started coming and is very shy.  It was a blessing to see him working so hard on a card then shyly hand it to me.

Oscar hard a work drawing carrots.  He cracks me up.

Another Oscar showing Courtney how to make "christmas trees" from newspaper.  
This Oscar can make just about anything from a piece of paper.

Escarleth and Natalia, they've already stolen my heart.

Josue, Escarleth, and Natalia working hard on their cards.  
Their other friend Nancy asked me not to take her picture


"Madre", she's usually so drunk she can't function but last night she was very with it and spent a long time afterwards helping us clean up.  It is a huge blessing to see them give back.

Kenya, Osman's boyfriend, working through her grief by making a card for him.

Manuel and Sergio digging through the foam box for the perfect addition to their card

Nancy's beautiful card

Loving on Escarleth and Natalia.
These girls were extremely standoffish at first but by the end of the night were quick with hugs and love.

Nancy finally let me take her picture.  These four young kids are already deep in my heart.  
They are drug free kids just trying to survive in a world that has been very unkind to them. 
I pray that we can make a difference in their lives. 


Leighton Minor said...

Great post! The old guy with the card is just too precious! P.S. "Darwin the babysitter" is a keeper photo.

Leighton Minor said...

Here's the deal. I don't know why that posted the same thing 4 times, but I've decided that it looks even more sketchy when it says "Post has been removed by author" so I'm leaving the other three.

Amber said...

LOL I took care of it Leighton. Thanks for commenting. You need to get back on the blog bandwagon soon.