Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Night with Our Friends

A few beautiful faces from tonight.  Everyone was in good spirits and we shared a lot of laughs and hugs.
Josue, quickly becoming one of my favorite kids.  Tonight we were able to give him a little bit of money to start a "chiclera" basically a traveling snack stand.  He wants to save up some money so he can take care of his baby that is soon to be born.

A cute pic of Jenn and Rosie, Jenn managed to be in several cute pictures tonight

Sweet Suyapa, she doesn't come by much anymore but we love her soo much.

Carolina, one of our teen prostitutes.  She's living in our building and just started going back to school.

Jennifer is another teen prostitute and a little farther down the road of destruction but she is eager to be loved.

Rosie and "Pitufina", Carolina's cat who is now living in our building

Carolina, Darwin, and Carlos starting a dance party in the street.

Jasmine is new to our ministry and has made a connection with Courtney.  

Leticia got a new dress and looked ADORABLE.

Jennifer wearing Jenn's glasses

Marvin playing with a grasshopper he found.  Unfortunately he still couldn't put down the glue

Jenn and Sergio

Sergio showing off his dance moves.  They had a blast dancing around on the sidewalk and behind the cars tonight.  It's so much fun to watch them enjoy themselves.

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Awesome pics. :)