Monday, February 28, 2011

Wonderful 1st Bible Study

Max Lucado - Experiencing the Heart of Jesus
This afternoon we started our first ever group Bible study with the homeless ministry.  Everyone was invited but honestly we didn't expect a very good turn out.  As He always seems to do, God took our doubt and showed us how big He really is.  

We had 10 people, 13 if you count Courtney, David, and I, show up for our Bible study.  

They struggled a bit with the reading aspect of it all but powered through.  Those that had adequate reading skills proved to be patient and loving with those still struggling.

They were engaged and excited throughout the whole study.  I was amazed at how involved they were.  Typically I have experienced the opposite on the first meeting of any group Bible study.

Everyone shared stories, advice and kind words with everyone else

And wrote life examples into their worksheets

I LOVE this picture of Courtney and Talanga side by side bringing their hearts before God.

The closing prayer.  
I am so honored to be able to share this time with some truly amazing people who have experienced more in their lives than I can even imagine.  They are so eager to come to a deeper understanding of God's word and develop a relationship with Him.  They even asked that the once a week study be a twice a week study.  So tentatively we will now be meeting every Monday and Friday at 4.  Please keep these studies in your prayers.

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Rachel DeYoung said...

Praise God! I'm so glad it went well yesterday! You were in my prayers!