Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winterfest Gatlinburg 2011

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege of speaking at Winterfest to two crowds of around 7000 young people.  It was a little bit overwhelming but truly a blessing to see so many kids looking for ways to serve the Lord.  I was also able to visit with 100's of kids that I have met in the past through mission trips to Honduras.

Jeff Vines, author of Dinner with Skeptics, was one of the speakers.  His story of sharing the gospel with agnostics in Australia was very inspiring.  

My booth.  Fairly simple but it got the job done.

With the help of a lot of friends I was able to sell all 650 bracelets that I took to Gatlinburg and raise over $1500 for the ministry.  I also made several contacts with kids interested in working with us in the future.  


Anonymous said...

Hello Amber,
I just heard you speak at Winterfest and what you are doing is absolutely amazing! I was so inspired! I was looking to contact to for mission work. Our young adult group is looking to help. Let me know if this is something that is possible. Thank you. You can contact me at


Paige Bailey Photography said...

Jacob and I are usually at winterfest in Arlington but didnt get to go this year. Wish we could have seen ya!

ann said...

Awesome Amber!