Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RAVE Ministries
RAVE Ministries is a group I had the privilege of meeting while I was at Winterfest.  It is a group of young girls who have made it their mission to reach out to their peers and show them that life with Christ is an amazing life worth raving about.
These sweet girls blessed our ministry with words of encouragement and a generous donation, as well as a few T-shirts.  
Tonight I gave those T-shirts to some of our teen girls.  You should have seen their faces light up as I told them about the girls in the states who were praying for them and who were eager for them to find Christ.  It was a joy to watch.  
I hope to start a girls group soon, specifically for our teen girls.  They need a safe place to belong that is dedicated to them.  Courtney and I are so excited right now to get so many things started.  We pray for the strength, wisdom, and manpower to reach out to these precious souls and give them a place to belong, nestled in our Heavenly Father's hand.
Thank you RAVE for your blessings and encouragement, you are doing amazing things and the ripples are going around the world.

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