Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Home and Some New Volunteers

A couple of week's ago Belkis (Rosie's mom) was kicked out of the room they were renting.  They moved into another room that was evidently in a really bad part of town.  I'm unclear of the story line but evidently Belkis came home the other night and there were several gang members in their room dancing to the radio and refusing to leave.  She asked me if they could move into our building for a time and tonight we helped them all move in.  
Who knew 1 adult and 5 kids with no income could generate so much stuff in one room.

It took 2 pickup truck loads to hold everything

Brendin Williamson and Simon Baker are here for the week helping us out.  They are already expert sandwich makers and professional movers.  The rest of the week is sure to hold lots of adventures.

Moving in

The kids were SOOO excited.

The whole family getting settled in

"Tarea"  their really cute little puppy.  We're hoping to teach him some manners soon.

I'm prayerful that we are able to make a difference in this precious, but trying, family's life.

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