Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday at Church

 We had a great day at church on Sunday.  We had lots of regulars and several new people come by.  
Carolina cuddling with little Marbella. 
 She's taking in a lot more liquids now and starting to feel better.
Carolina is living in our building for a while and is an absolute sweetheart.  
She has no substance abuse problems that we know of and seems to have a lot of potential for turning her life around.

Rosie watching for people to come to church in her new dress from Lola.

A sketchy attempt at a group picture. 

A family that has started coming to church.
Jorge is the dad and a really sweet friendly guy.  Diostefana and the daughter and both very quiet and little Manuel is absolutely precious.

Karla and Rosie waiting for lunch

The Bologna sandwich team.
Lindsey and Rachel came down to visit us for the day

David had the enviable job of cutting up tomatoes with the equivalent of a butter knife.

And we found out Reina has a daughter!!! This is Escarleth.  
She is sweet and precious and just as tough as Reina.  
She and 3 of her friends are going to be staying in our building for a while.  
More about all of them soon.

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