Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Faces from Wednesday Night

Miguel Angel
This week we changed our food distribution nights from Tues, Thurs, Sat, to Mon, Wed, Frid.  We had noticed a big drop in numbers on Saturdays and Tuesdays we found out that a Catholic church down the road was handing out food.  Change is hard on our friends and we wondered how it would initially affect what we were doing, but decided it was the best decision long term.  So we went on Monday and are numbers were way down, no big surprise, but it's always disappointing to see less people.  Well we made up for it on Wednesday.  People were there waiting when we arrived and came pouring in the whole time.  It also helped that we had bologna sandwiches, a new favorite.  The past few months one of my good friends, David Logue, and his interns Jenn Hines and Jessica Lawrence, have made a big effort to join us each time with hand out food.  They have been a huge blessing to our ministry and they are starting to feel like part of our team.  God provides answers and blessings in so many unexpected places.

When we pulled up on Wednesday this precious baby came running out to greet us.  I had never seen her before and I initially thought she was a little boy.  This is Marbella and she is Angela's daughter.  Angela visits us occasionally but usually just drops by to say hi and move on.  I'm not sure why Angela had Marbella this week, when normally she doesn't, but Reina found them both wandering the streets.  Angela was drunk and very incapable of taking care of her precious child, so Reina offered to bring her back to our building.  Angela has come by a couple of times to check on her but as of yesterday Marbella was still with Reina.

Jenn and Marbella

Claudette, one of our old favorites.  We hadn't seen her in months.  When I asked her why she said, "Well, I cause a lot of trouble, and I didn't want to cause trouble here."  
That breaks my heart.  I love her so much.

Jenn and Jess talking to one of the young prostitutes

 Wender and his new girlfriend

A really sweet little girl who just happened by with her momma.

Jairo and I.  He keeps telling me he wants to change but is having a really hard time leaving the drugs behind.

David staring in through the bars.

I love that Reina sees and need and tries to fill it.  I love that our building can be a beacon of hope and security in the lives of some very hopeless and fearful people.  God has blessed us and I pray that he continue to bless this ministry.

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