Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Puppy and A Full Bible Class

Yesterday we inherited Will and Rachel's 5 month old (I think) Boxer pup until they get back from Visa renewal on Wednesday. Cazadora is defnitely a ball of energy and at first we weren't sure if we were going to be able to keep her around the puppies. She really like to pounce on things especially them when they run away from her. But Caza calmed down and the puppies got braver and now they are all living peacefully.

Caza and Toby right before they decided Toby was the boss.  It is hilarious to watch giant Caza lay down on her back in front of little bitty Toby.  This picture gives you a glimpse of the size difference in the two.

Here I was trying to get a picture of Tasha and Caza playing but Caza and the camera were just too much for her.  However, I LOVE Caza's ear in this picture.  I think it's so cute. 

Sweet baby Samuel is growing up fast.

This was my Bible class tonight.  Yes there are bitty babies and 14 year olds in the same class.  I had Rachel's class tonight too.  It felt like the old days when I was the only teacher.  Now we have 4 different classes!  So exciting.  So cute, so sweet, everyone smiling. 

Then I said, okay I'm going to try this without the flash.  Nobody move.  LOL evidently don't move means put on your meanest face.  They crack me up!

Beautiful night picture on the way home from church.  It was such a nice night last night.

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