Friday, October 09, 2009

Soup Night With the Puppies

This morning we had to do LOTS of shopping to get ready for soup night.  We went to Pricesmart (Sam's) and stocked up again on bowls, spoons, forks, and cups as well as stocking up on some supplies for the house.  And for those of you that have spent any time at my house recently, I BOUGHT SPOONS.  LOL I've had 3 spoons for about 2 years.  Today I bought a pack of 36 so we're set.  Then we set off to buy another big pot to hold all the soup and collars for the puppies.  They are not real thrilled.  This is the puppies sleeping under a tree with Darwin while I'm in Pricesmart.  They were exhausted. 

Today Will's Mom, sister Jessica, and Jessica's mother in law arrived for the weekend.  They joined us down and the stadium for the premiere of soup night.  It was great to meet them and I think they enjoyed helping out.  The soup still needs some tweaking, my measurement skills are less than perfect and transportation is a little tricky.  It was a little watery but everyone LOVED that they could have as much as they wanted.  Next time I will add less water and some more rice to give it a bit more substance and we'll be in business. 

Really enjoying the soup
The puppies were a HUGE hit with our homeless friends.  This is Douglas.  Douglas was devastated about Lucy's death and was very excited to have some new friends to play with. 
The girls loved the puppies and carried them around everywhere all night.  I'm hoping to bring all of these kids home on Saturday evening to see a movie and just have some fun at my house.  The two older girls there, Evelyn and Nicole, have started really loving on us when we leave and telling us how much they love us and miss us when we're not there.  It's sometimes very hard to walk away from them, not truly knowing what their lives are like on a day to day basis.
And lastly, sweet baby Dulce giving Toby kisses.  She was giggling and runny around with the puppies.  It was priceless to watch.  I really feel like taking animals down to the stadium with us gives these individuals with such rough exteriers a safe place to show and receive affection.  Even the roughest of the bunch, whose pics I didn't post because they are a little intimidating, took turns playing with the puppies and laughing.  It is so amazing to me how God uses the simplests things to touch hearts.

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