Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Really Great Night

Cute Picture of Pilo, Love him, sweetest happiest guy at the stadium
Tonight Breaking Chains (the homeless ministry) went really really well.  We had more people than I think we've ever had.  And God definitely provided.  Today Darwin started the beans and couldn't find the thing we use for measuring so he just guessed it and ended up making quite a bit extra.  It was barely enough.  Literally the last person to walk up got the last bowl of food and NO ONE got extra.  Why am I suprised by God's wonderful hand.  I didn't take any pictures because we were busy feeding everyone but it was great to see everyone all together. 

Carlos and Alan.  Alan is blind but so funny about it.  He makes jokes all the time.  Here Carlos was making fun of him because he wasn't looking at the camera. 
We didn't have many new people just all our old friendly faces at once.  Even Carlos was there.  I've been asking people about him for the past month and no one knew where he was.  He was "around" he says.  It remains a mystery :).  Wender came by, one of the kids that genuinely calls me mom.  It melts my heart.  He has a hole in the side of his face where someone punched him and his tooth came through.  It's really badly infected so I spent a long time cleaning it out and giving him triple antibiotic ointment and bandaids.  Getting out the first aide kit always leads to a windfall of minor injuries so I spent about 20 minutes doctoring and loving on people.  They love the special attention. 

Truly terrible picture of me doctoring Wender's face.
Oh my goodness I almost forgot, how could I forget.  On the way to La Chimbomba from the stadium we were on a side street when the cops stop a bus in the middle of the road 3 cars in front of us to check his papers.  This isn't odd in and of itself, they check papers all the time, but they didn't have him pull over or anything and it was a one way street.  I don't have any idea what if anything was wrong with his papers but they get the driver off and walk off down the street with him for TWENTY MINUTES.  About 6 cars worth of us were just stuck until Darwin says the driver paid a bribe, which is probably accurate.  Such Honduran craziness.
When we got to La Chimbomba there were more people there than I've ever seen.  It took us a minute to get everyone lined up and orderly and then we did a marathon food give away.  Jenny brought me a picture of her and Dulce that someone had given her with a cute drawing wrapped around and little bitty Leticia, another toddler, hung out with me and gave me hugs and kisses for a long time.  It was just a nice encouraging loving night all around. 

Sweet, sweet, Dulce sleeping on the side of the road.
Turns out Darwin took some pics, I just remembered.  So I'll add them in, but you know that by now :).

This picture is the sad reality so many of them are living.  Last night Mural and Maniqueso's room they were renting burned down.  They lost all of their stuff as well as all of Jenny's stuff who was staying with them until she found her own place again.  Now they are all back out on the streets. 
Have I mentioned I really want to open a place for these people :).


Alyson said...

That little Dulce stole my heart from the first time you wrote about her. She is just such a sweet little angel, and about Lily's age, which is probably why she touches my heart.

Amber said...

Alison!!! I let out an audible YAY!! When I saw I had a comment. Thankfullly I'm the only one home. I LOVE comments and I hadn't gotten one in so long. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Your blog cracks me up. Dulce is definitely easy to love as I'm sure Lily is too. :). Thank you!!!