Saturday, October 10, 2009


Earlier this week Darwin had asked me if his brother and sister could spend the night this weekend.  They don't come over very often and I'm eager to encourage a deeper relationship between them so I said of course.  Well last night was the night.  I was prepared for tacos for 2 extras and looking forward to an evening with a couple of extra kids.  HA! I guess I forgot we were in Honduras.  After church I walk out to the car and there are 7 that's right SEVEN little shining faces looking up at me: Darwin's brother and sister, Ariel's sister, and 4 cousins. 

How do you say no?  And more importantly why would you say no?  It did make dinner a little more tricky though.  We decided to drive through KFC and bring fried chicken home.  I've found that when you're feeding a bunch, KFC or pizza are just about as cheap as you can get unless you cook at home, and I was not up for cooking for 10 at 8:30 at night.  Call me crazy :).  The kids had a great time and crashed soon after dinner.  They are used to going to bed at 8 and getting up at 5.  I woke up this morning to Darwin making breakfast for everyone.  It was really sweet.  He made all the kids scrambled eggs, hot dogs, mantequilla, and gave them some bread rolls.  It was a pretty impressive breakfast off the cuff. 
Today while I was waiting for the beans to cook I took the puppies for their first walk on a leash.  It was definitely an experience.  They were hilarious at the park.  The grass is at least as long as they are tall and they were jumping around and rolling around for about 15 minutes before they were totally wiped out.  I was there cracking up and taking pictures the whole time.  Then we headed home and the puppies slept while I did some more work on the christmas play.

Tonight at the stadium went well.  Darwin's girlfriend joined us and I think she enjoyed herself.  She's really sweet and quiet. 3 of the young girls from the stadium came home with me tonight and have been so PRECIOUS to watch.  I took them to the mall to see Aliens in the Attic and they just giggled and were amazed the whole time.  I love watching kids experience things for the first time.  There is such a beautitul innocence to them, despite the hard lives they've lived.  They just hopped out of their first hot, running water shower, again giggling the whole time.  We're getting ready to settle down for a bible store and bedtime.  I'm sure tomorrow will hold a whole new set of adventures.

Bonus shot: Even the puppies are enjoying the Honduras vs USA game.  If Honduras wins we're still in the running for the world cup, if not we're out.  GO HONDURAS!!!

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