Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Boys' Sleepover

Let's just start out by saying that I think vegetables are beautiful.  Not so flavorful but beautiful.  I think it is God's compensating for us having to eat them.  :)  I actually love salad but don't find it very filling.  This salad was DELICIOUS with chicken on top but I definitely could have continued eating it right on through today :). 

This is Brian, he's 14.

This is Lester, he's 11.

These two boys, brothers, spent the night on Tuesday night.  There are 3 more younger boys but their parents weren't too keen on them spending the night away from home.  So Brian, Lester, and I went to see Aliens in the Attic.  The boys loved it and it was worth seeing it a second time to see them enjoying themselves so much.  The highlight of the evening for them was the elevator.  They thought it was hilarious.  The boys were much much quieter than the girls and I think they felt a little uncomfortable but they had a good time.  In the morning before they left Lester and I were playing Pictureka (it's basically a search and find game and I recommend it to anyone working with children, it's awesome) and he had to find 6 things that you find in a bathroom.  The first thing he picked was a bucket of water.  My first reaction was no way that doesn't count.  Then I reminded myself that I'm in Honduras and a bucket of water is probably the ONLY thing he has in his bathroom.  It reminded me again of the differences in culture and economic level.  I've found that kids tend to be MUCH better at this game than me and I was once again beaten by Lester.  He loved it :)  Notice the HUGE amounts of gel they have in their hair for the ride home.  I think they really enjoyed raiding Darwin's bathroom. 

I just had to throw this picture in.  This is Freddy and Jasmine, probably my favorite couple at the stadium right now.  Jasmine is pregnant so soon I'll have more baby pictures to show.  Please pray for the baby's health despite her mom's addictions.  They are such a sweet couple and some more people that I would love to scoop up and bring home. 

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