Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Puppies!!

Funny story: Today I set out to get reimbursed for Lucy's meds and maybe look at a few dogs.  I was looking for a lab, I repeat I was looking for a lab or maybe a golden retriever.  So at the pet store getting the reimbursement we saw two brown cocker spaniels.  But I DID NOT want a cocker spaniel, even though I think they are precious.  I wanted a big dog for protection, and I also think a big dog will stand up better to the "loving" they are bound to get by the people at the stadium and the many kids in my life.  So we are NOT getting a cocker spaniel. 

I make some calls to see if anyone knows where else they sell puppies.  Not much luck.  But we know they sell them on one of the street corners here where Will and Rachel got their dog.  So we decide to check it out.  Well we pull up and they have THE most adorable cocker spaniel I've ever seen.  So I'm holding this precious baby and looking at this funny looking part german shepherd part mutt that Darwin is holding, and falling in love with.  Now there are TWO dog salespeople expounding on the merits of both dogs and my oldest child looking at me with puppy dog eyes of his own.  They will give me the german shepherd mix if I buy the cocker...isnt' the cocker please can we keep them...I CAVED!!! I came home with TWO dogs, NEITHER of which is a lab.  BUT one of them is a big dog, probably going to be an ugly big dog but a big dog none the less. 
Well of course I've fallen in love with them.  The German Shepherd mix is a female, Tasha and the Cocker Spaniel's name is up for grabs.  We've been calling him Tony but evidently that is a hilarious name for a dog (who knew).  So I'm looking for suggestions.  I will take those suggestions here or on facebook where a list is already being amassed.  Then I will announce a winner within the next 24 hours, I mean he can't continue not having a name.  The rules of the competition are as follows:  The name must start with a T (or an S but then Tasha will become Sasha), it must be easy for a spanish speaker to pronounce, and it must have at least two syllables.  I'm excited to see what you have to say.
I have to say having them around makes me realize just how sick Lucy really was.  They are MUCH more active and eat voraciously :).  They really seem to enjoy each other though.  They are a lot of fun to watch playing together.
Bible class went really well tonight. It was pouring down rain so we only had 12 kids in my class.  The kids always pay more attention when there are less kids.  They are very excited about starting Christmas play practice.  Tonight we started the signups. 
Tomorrow night we're having soup for the first time at the stadium.  I'm excited to see what this soup looks like once it's rehydrated :).


OK Chick said...

Oh they are SO cute!!!
I'm happy to hear you are doing better.

Alyson said...

I've been bitten by two dogs in my life. One was a cocker spaniel and one was a german shepherd. How weird is that?

Amber said...

Well Alyson you better not come to my house :). That is pretty funny.

Emily said...

Amber! I have been behind reading your blog. These are the most precious puppies in the ENTIRE WORLD.I'm so jealous! Awh, and the poor little mut, he is so cute:) or she... now i can't remember which one was which:)