Sunday, October 18, 2009

A little of this and that

Last night Will had the youth class over to his house for a camping trip and devotional time so Rachel came and stayed with me.  We did the homeless feeding on our own and it went suprisingly well.  Everyone is eager to help two girls who are willing to step out in faith to help them.  Maniqueso has turned out to be one our most faithful and helpful friends.  He always hands us the bowls to fill them up and periodically last night when I wasn't moving fast enough for him he would yell (in English) "Hey! What's Up Man?"  It was HILARIOUS!!!
Afterwards Rachel and I headed out to watch the Proposal and have a "girly" night.  Unfortunately we missed the showing of the Proposal by about 30 min and had to pick another movie.  We ended up going to The Surrogates, a very bizarre, hardly girly movie about a world where everyone has these robot clones that go about the world for them.  It was strange to say the least, but we enjoyed laughing at it and had a good time.
This morning the puppies and I took our second morning walk.  We've gone several times to the park close by but yesterday and today were our first real walks.  It took them a bit to get used to it but once they did they have been a joy to walk with.  I'm hoping my endurance improves greatly before they are at full blown running stage.  Right now their tiny legs are just about my pace :).  Afterwards I enjoyed what has become one of my favorite weekly activities, curling up on the couch with a blanket and some breakfast and listening to one of Mitch's sermons.  It really makes me feel like I'm sharing with the Park Plaza congregation.
This afternoon we had church in Mogote.  Will and Rachel weren't able to make it so I had all the kids in my class.  It was a big class but the kids did really well.  We've had several new kids this week and it's been fun getting to know them.  We recently started talking about the early church and it's been very interesting to watch the kids realize where the church as we know it began.

Beautiful little girl at church tonight.  Alejandra.  She was SOO dressed up for church.  The pictures don't do her justice. 

Tomorrow the puppies have a vet visit for a checkup and more vaccinations and then we're feeding in the evening.  I'm also hoping to look at a building a found the other day that is huge and beautiful.  It has 18 bedrooms as well as a kitchen and "other things", who knows what that means for $200,000.  I think there is a good chance that this building is the answer to a lot of prayers.  Please pray for this decision. 

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Alyson said...

I'm pretty sure you get to work with the cutest kiddos in the world. All the pictures you put up are of the most beautiful little faces ever!