Friday, October 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

Just a few material possessions that bring a smile to my face....

Other people have done similar things as this and I love to read them so I thought I'd do one of my own.  And for some reason I feel morally compelled to only post pictures taken that day so that blog post is today :).  I know I'm crazy just humor me.

Yes this is toilet paper and while the picture doesn't show it the best I would like you to look at the front roll, the most expensive honduran brand which I've been using up until this week.  Compared to the Cottonelle behind it that I find early this week at the grocery store.  Let me tell you there is no comparison.  Honduran brand is like wiping with a piece of computer paper, cottonelle is like a pillow oh so nice.  And yes, I was about to use the last of this roll when I thought, no I must take a picture of this for the blogger world.  It was the catalyst for this entire blog post :).

My beautiful hand carved bed.  It's hard to tell here but it has scenes from rural honduras carved throughout it.  I bought this for $250 off the back of a truck in Mogote a couple of years ago.  Before then I was sleeping on a mattress with screw in feet.  This is my "big girl bed" and I love it.  :)  Definitely an investment I will have for a very long time.

Bath and Body Works handsoap, and body soap for that matter.  I kind of have an obsession.  Every time I go home I stock up.  This time I got back and realized I already had several so I've become much less stingy about using it.  I'm not too picky about the scent and just love smelling sweet after washing my hands and the kitchen line is awesome for getting all the onion and garlic smells out of my hands.

This is Mac, my monkey.  When I decided to move to Honduras my youngest sisters were 4 and 6 and really didn't understand what was going on.  So I loaded them up in the car and we went to Toys R' Us and picked out stuffed animals.  They each picked one for them and then decided on this one for me and we all still have them.  It is a very tangible way to share our sisterly love and remember each other every night. 

Fairly predictable I know, the missionary loves her Bible, BUT while I love God's word in any form, this particular Bible has become my favorite.  It is a Message, Today's NIV, side by side translation and I love it.  The Message helps me really experience the emotions of the people in the stories and the NIV is the solid Word to balance out the sometimes "interestingly" translated Message.  I really enjoy both versions and recommend it for anyone looking for a new Bible.  P.S. I had a good picture of the bible closed, it's leather and multi-colored but blogger refused to upload it. 

In a land that is very noisy and has no air conditioning this huge, loud, powerful, fan has been a life saver.  I can hardly sleep without it. 

And of course my books and a shelf to put them on.  I have another one in my bedroom.  It's no secret I love to read and when I look at my bookshelf I am reminded of all the friends and family that have contributed to this collection.  I love you guys.

And finally I issue you, blogger world, a challenge.  This is one of my absolute favorite acquisitions over the years.  It was a gift a few years ago from my dear friend Holly Towers and it is something I use almost daily in my favorite room of the house.  Those are you clues now I would like to hear your guesses as to what it is.  Let the games begin.....   :)

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Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog and remembering good times! i do recognize a lot of those things! :) hope all is well. i really want to come visit again soon. i miss you and darwin! erin