Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Crazy House Build

The first team we had in June contained several of my interns from years ago, whom I've watched grow up.  It was a special time seeing them as adults helping to lead a mission team to Honduras. 
Their first house site was one of the hardest build sites I have ever been a part of.

After climbing up a steep dry river bed we arrived at the bottom of a cliff.  On top of the cliff we would be building a home for the mother of one of the boys from Jovenes En Camino.
I hadn't seen the site ahead of time and it took us about 30 minutes to find it.
Despite frustrations and hauling the wood a long way up the side of a mountain everyone worked together and had a great day.

Due to all the hard work going on, I didn't take any pictures but I went back after the rain storms began to make sure it hadn't washed away.
It was safely perched on top of the mountain and housing 7 people.

A beautiful little girl we met that lived near the site.

Jesus's mom and brothers and sisters were living on a tiny plot of land with plastic tarps up before Kingston Church of Christ gave them a home. A humble home, but a safe, dry place to lay their heads at night without fear of being blown away in the storms of life.

Thank you God for allowing me to be a part of life changing stories.

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