Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Visit from a Dear, Dear Friend

8 years ago a met a skinny little blonde girl with a strong spirit and a huge heart, and quite frankly she scared me a little bit.  This girl had started an inner city ministry in High School and had accomplished more than I thought possible at 21 years of age.
But God put us together for the adventure of a lifetime, living in Honduras with a poor family who spoke no English. We did things neither of us thought possible and we formed a friendship that will never die. 
Holly Deboard Towers is now one of my very best friends.  She understands places in my heart that sometimes even I don't understand and I love her dearly.
This summer Holly, her husband Lance, and their baby girl Olivia came for a visit.  Watching our children play together was definitely one of the greatest blessings of my summer.

Sadly this is the only picture we took together during the whole trip but I will treasure this time in my heart for years to come. 


Holly said...

Oh Amber! I love you so much! It cracks me up that I scared you. Ha! In the end, I am the debil and you are the fuerte!! It was a blast bring Olivia and Lance to Honduras. I am sure we will come back again. I am excited to see our girls become sweet friends.

ann said...

Awh I love this!