Sunday, September 04, 2011

Goodbye Dear Friends

Over the past year I have had the honor and priviledge of getting to know two wonderful young women and the end of this summer was marked with their leaving.
Both girls chose to take the teens at the homeless ministry to play soccer as a parting activity.
Jenn Hines was my friend David's intern over the past year and grew to be like a little sister to me. 
This crazy girl has a smile that lights up a room and a heart that draws people in.
I am so blessed to know her.
The little ones enjoyed watching the indoor soccer and really enjoyed playing sharks and minnows later on in the day.

The soccer playing crew for Jenn's departure

It's so good to see these two together again. 
I love my boys.
And then there's Courtney Mathews
(who I am sure will appreciate me plastering this picture all over the internet).
I didn't know what our ministry could look like with so much help.
It was very hard to say goodbye to her but I am so happy to say that she will be working with us over the next two years as our PR and communications director. 

It poured down rain most of the time we were playing with these kids but it didn't slow them down a bit, in fact I think it added to the experience.

Courtney wanted so desperately to play basketball that she decided to play the hoop.

Our ragtag soaking wet crew of very loving hearts saying goodbye to a dear friend.

Both girls will forever be a part of our lives and ministry.
I thank God for bringing them across our path.

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