Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sunshine Church of Christ

Sunshine Church of Christ has become one of my favorites.  They spend their time here seeking relationship with those we work with and always leave with tears in their eyes. 
Any "work" that we do pales in comparison to the value of relationship building for Christ.
Luke sharing his struggles with drugs and alcohol with everyone at church.  It was so good for them to hear that from a Christian that was struggling with the same things they were.
An attentive audience.

Logan quickly became Rosie's best friend.  He was a good sport about hauling her around all week.

Brianna and Dayana were equally as crazy as the other and developed a quick bond.

I didn't take many pictures this summer and many wonderful mission teams will not make the blog, but it was an incredibly blessed time filled with lots of laughter and friendship. 
God uses the summer months to fill us all up and prepare us to be poured back out over the year.  I thank God for this wonderful blessing.

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