Monday, September 19, 2011

More New Faces

Our ministry building has become a safe place in the community for people to stay and that warms my heart.  We still have a lot of people passing through but we average about 30 people a night making a home in our building. 

Over the past couple of weeks we've lost a few back to their addictions and the freedom of the streets but we have also gained several new friends along the way.

This little guy doesn't have a name yet but he and his Mama, Kenya moved in just a few days after he was born.  Kenya's mother and little sister also stay with us a lot of the time to help out with the baby.
The same night that the little family above moved in, Jose de la Cruz showed up after several months of not seeing him.  This kid is already deep in my heart.  I met him over a year ago at the boys' home 21 de Octubre.  He is desperate for someone to love him and eager to help out in any way he can.
He has quickly become a favorite to all of us working at Breaking Chains.

Last night Hugo, Jennifer, and Joel showed up.
Hugo and Joel have been talking about moving in for a while but haven't been willing to make the life changes necessary to live in our building. 
I met Jennifer for the first time last night.
All three kids are shy and very uncertain.  I didn't see Hugo at all today and it's possible that he has already decided to make a break for it. 
Many of these kids struggle with the simple act of being accountable to someone and are easily frightened off by that. 
I'm not sure what will happen with these precious souls but I am so thankful we are given even a small amount of time to touch their hearts.

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