Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Garden For Breaking Chains

Since we opened the doors of the Breaking Chains ministry building I've been looking for a way to introduce a manageable garden to our members.  
Several different ideas and plans were tossed around but nothing ever came to pass.  
Until now...
Now we are working with Nathan Hale to produce a small aquaponics farm on the open balcony of our building.
This little farm will produce hundreds of pounds of vegetables and at least 100 fish per year.  
We've spent the last two days working hard on the tanks and supplies for this operation and today we are installing it in our building.  
 Transporting 3 of the 6 tanks we needed.

 David cut all the filter covers
And Kristen drilled the filter holes.
 I was responsible for gluing everything together.
 We had to cut the tanks in two for the plant beds
Nate cut the cages
And I cut the tanks
 Even Rosie wanted in on the fun
This is a "mock-up" of what it will look like on the balcony so we can figure out the plumbing connections.  
It doesn't look like much now but I will post pictures soon of the final product and veggies within the month!

For more information on Nathan Hale, his farm project, or Aquaponics farming go to this website:


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